No One Keeps a Cow for a Friend

Credit: Moviepilot

The opening song of Into the Woods has Jack’s mother scolding the future giant-slayer, who refuses to sell the family cow.

We’ve no time to sit and dither
While her withers wither with her,
and no one keeps a cow for a friend!

Unfortunately for the mother, two people do keep a cow for a friend.

Credit: DC Wikia

Yes, the Caped Crusaders rescued a cow from the slaughterhouse. Well, really it was Batman’s son Robin and Batman just had to roll with it. But it’s not like the Dark Knight allowed Bat-Cow to enter the Batcave.

Credit: Tumblr

Well, um, at least Batman never let Bat-Cow go on missions.

Credit: Calvin’s Canadian Cave of Cool

Seriously, Batman even relied on Bat-Cow for emotional support when there was a death in the family.

Credit: Retcon Punch

So, Jack’s mother. People do keep cows as friends. Dark, brooding people.


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