Stray Thoughts from Blue and White Weekend

I have a few thoughts after attending this weekend Blue and White Game.

1. The Punting Game

On fourth down, the teams punted the ball every time. Why? Wouldn’t it be better for the offense to go for it on fourth down? Actually, it is better but most coaches, college and professional, still bring out the punter. Also, a punting contest!

2. The Referees

Who were they? Were they local high school referees? Or were they Big Ten referees who needed work during the offseason?

3. The Axalta Race Car

Other than the medical carts, this is the first time I can recall that a vehicle was driven onto the turf at Beaver Stadium.

4. Vaccine Awareness

One of the advertisements being displayed in Beaver Stadium reminded folks to get their vaccinations. Given the fiery discussion of vaccinations earlier in the year, this is probably the most political ad that has been displayed in the stadium.

5. Secessionist Movements

The Confederates weren’t the only ones represented this weekend. The Conch Republic had supporters tailgating in the BJC lot.

IMG_0553 IMG_0554


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