Jurassic World Shares Plot “Hole” with King Kong

There’s a good chance you are one of the many people who saw Chris Pratt dominate the box office this weekend with Jurassic World. Like all blockbusters, Jurassic World is subject to a few goofs, gaffes, and oversights. The original Jurassic Park has its infamous cliff scene.  BuzzFeed noted the double-fisting margarita man and Claire’s running heels in the current installation of the Jurassic saga. After leaving the theater, I kept thinking that the film’s events could have been avoided if the park didn’t include one feature on the Indominus Rex pen.

Jurassic Plot Hole

We know from dialogue between Owen and Claire that the InGen didn’t have the I. Rex’s health and happiness in mind when they put it in its pen. The only interaction the reptilian behemoth had was with the crane that delivered its daily meal. Jurassic World also didn’t mention if the park had a plan to move the dinosaur to a new habitat, nor did they indicate a team walked the Indominus Rex from a smaller pen to its current home. It appears the plan was to keep the dinosaur in the pen for the rest of its days.

What purpose does a door the size of an Indominus Rex serve the park’s management and visitors? If maintenance did need to access the interior, or if veterinarians needed to treat the I. Rex, the engineers should have included a door the size of a human, not a dinosaur. Was InGen trying to create the first-ever free range mutant dinosaur? Or, did the World Wildlife Foundation and P.E.T.A. threaten to boycott Masrani if their dinosaurs weren’t ethically maintained? Speaking of which, what are the laws that govern extinct, mutated creatures?

The complaints I have with the gate are the same ones that beleaguered King Kong. The Skull Island natives had no purpose constructing a gate for the giant gorilla. Robot Chicken brilliantly lampooned this problem in a 2005 episode.

“But if your people built this wall to keep King Kong out, well then why build a door large enough for him to get through?”

Of note: The King Kong set was intentionally burnt in the Burning of Atlanta scene from Gone with the Wind.


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