The Ultimate 2015-16 UEFA Guide – PHL Edition

Numerous clubs have popped up in Philadelphia to support European soccer teams. These include teams that are in the Premier League, Scottish Premiership, Serie A, and more!


Stray Thoughts from Blue and White Weekend

I have a few thoughts after attending this weekend Blue and White Game. 1. The Punting Game On fourth down, the teams punted the ball every time. Why? Wouldn’t it be better for the offense to go for it on fourth down? Actually, it is better but most coaches, college and professional, still bring out the…

The Great American Bengal Mystery

Why do American sports love Bengal tigers? Well, what is a Bengal tiger? The scientific name of the cat is Panthera tigris tigris, and people also know it as the “Royal Bengal tiger.” The animal lives primarily in India, but Bengal tigers also inhabit countries to the north and east. The World Wildlife Foundation estimates that there…